1-2-1 Training

Is this you? Can you identify with one or more of these goals?

  • Looking to lose or gain weight?
  • Increase muscular strength and/or endurance?
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness?
  • Training for a particular sport or physical activity?
  • Managing a health condition or injury?
  • Lost your mojo or lacking motivation to train?
  • Perhaps hit a plateau with your own training programme?
  • Looking for ongoing support and accountability to develop your physical fitness and overall wellbeing?

I’m a fully qualified personal trainer, Pilates and group exercise instructor with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. You’ll find out a little bit more about me here I currently work with a number of clients providing 1-2-1 training programmes and small group exercise sessions. Like you, my clients are unique with different goals and aspirations, different lifestyles and from all walks of life ranging from 25 to 71 years of age.  No two individuals are the same and no two programmes are the same.


1) FREE – a 10-20 minute informal chat over the phone – to discuss your goals, what you hope to achieve from personal training and to raise any questions you may have.  If you decide to go ahead we would then arrange to meet for an initial assessment. You can contact me via the contact page here, email me directly at info@krisfitness.co.uk or call 07898 261994.

2) £45 Initial Assessment and Goal Setting – This is a two hour meeting for you to ask as many questions as spring to mind and for me to discuss and complete questionnaires with you about your fitness goals, your lifestyle, job, family commitments, interests and hobbies.  We will also complete a PARQ (physical activity readiness questionnaire) to see if you should seek any medical advice before starting an exercise programme. Two hours may seem like a long time but my clients all same the same thing, “the time flies!” and it’s amazing how much we get to know each other! This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and to ensure you feel comfortable and confident before you commit to training together.

3) £30 1-2-1 Personal Training – This is a one hour session providing a personalised training session, weight, body measurements and body fat measurements (measurements are optional, not everyone requires all or sometimes any of them, it depends on your goals and what you’re comfortable with) and nutritional advice.  This can take place at your home or at a gym or your choice.  Gym entry is charged separately. 

4) £30 1-2-1 Pilates Training –  A one hour session providing a personalised Pilates session at your home specifically tailored to your goals, abilities and any medical conditions or injuries that you may have.  You will be required to complete a PARQ (physical activity readiness questionnaire) prior to starting and may need to seek advice from your doctor or medical professional prior to starting if you have any medical conditions or any injuries.

5) £45 1-2-2 Pairs personal training – For couples or friends wishing to train together.  This is best suited for people of a similar fitness level with similar goals. Programmes can be devised with some differences for example in weight, repetition or sets but would not be suitable for people with hugely different fitness levels or goals.  This can take place at your home or at a gym or your choice.  Gym entry is charged separately.